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March 2008

Posted: March 1, 2008 in Life

Coming Home II

Imperceptibly, the second time round, setting foot in HK again, I discovered that ‘coming home’ is not only associated with a return to the secured arms of family and friends, it is also a return to the safest abode of oneself, where a haven of inner solitude and quietude awaits.

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Coming Home I

Of all the sensory faculties that were activated in my recent trip home, neither the sights, sounds, smells nor savoury palate evoked as much sensation as being in the safe embrace of loved ones!

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Discovering What We Do Not Know

While we think that we know ourselves quite well, we sometimes surprise ourselves. Hidden in us there are levels of not-knowing and not-understanding that can only be revealed to us in our moments of great crises.

A major change in our life’s circumstances due to a change of vocation or location or due to a loss of a loved one – through death or a break-up – can bring capacities to the fore that we never dreamed existed. Dormant gifts come alive. New abilities develop. In the midst of change where previous certainties and securities slip away, a new self can begin to emerge. While we may grieve over what we have lost, we can also rejoice in the new things that we are discovering about ourselves.

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