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April 2008

Posted: April 1, 2008 in Life

Stay with Your Pain

In crushed grapes is tasty wine
In the hottest of furnace is gold refined
Stay with Your Pain

In the darkest of dawn, the promise of morn
In the tumultuous waves, the eye of the storm
Stay with Your Pain

In the austere silence, a different melody
In the struggling cocoon, butterflies are waiting to be free
Stay with Your Pain

The coldest of winter heralds in a spring
A forest of great age hails from a sapling
Stay with Your Pain

For in our ending is a beginning,
In our losing is a finding
And only in our letting go,
New blessings will return manifold!

~ penned 190408: 1830 ~

PS: Penned for another fellow sojourner (and perhaps many others too), foundering in the turbulent seas of emotions, wondering if she’ll ever see land again. Take heart, for beyond the horizon IS the promised land!


Appreciation….as a Way of Life

The voice of a friend. An exhilarating mountain climb. A wonderful meal. A quiet walk. A stimulating conversation. The blossoms of spring . A mother’s care. A mellow sunset. A moment of solitude. A gripping book. Mad hilarity with friends. Prayer. Silence. Work. Play. Love. Peace. Friendship. Family.

As I allow my mind to wander over the many facets of my life, I can’t help but be amazed. Here and then are the marks of love, the signs of goodness, the indications of grace, the signs of hope, the blessings undeserved.

But I need eyes to see and a heart to appreciate what has been given me. I can rush past. I can be so bent on wanting more that I fail to enjoy the good that has already been placed in my hands.

I realised that appreciation cannot be an occasional afterthought. It must be a way of life in which the present is celebrated, the giver thanked and the recipient acknowledging with a sense of amazement that so much has been placed in such undeserving hands.

~ penned 100408: 0015 ~