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June 2008

Posted: June 1, 2008 in Life

Coming Home III

Besides familial ties, there are other ties in life that will always bind.

~ penned 200608: 2005 ~


Perspective II

We need more than eyes to see…
We need that definitive moment…
When the line of vision aligns
With the heart, mind and soul!

~ penned 090608: 23:52 ~


Celebrating Life

Celebration calls to mind occasions of festivities, gaiety, spontaneity and hilarity – as we dance, drink, make merry and engage in cozy small-talk – bringing to the fore the uni-dimensional experience of such occasions.

However, celebrating life entails a deeper realisation and awareness that life is fraught with polarity – the extremes of which touch, kiss and co-exist.

When we grace a a wedding ceremony, we celebrate a union as well as a departure; when we witness a new birth, we celebrate a new lease of life as well as losing of that in the security of the mother’s womb; when we attend a funeral, we celebrate gained liberty as well as lost friendship; when we graduate at a convocation, we celebrate an entry into financial independence as well as a farewell to academia stimulation. Indeed, there can be tears at a wedding, fear at a new birth, joy at a funeral and worry at graduation.

Hence, celebrating life is an acceptance and total embrace of life’s extremities – that my loss is someone else’s gain, my victory, another’s defeat!

~ penned 040608: 23:30 ~