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November 2008

Posted: November 1, 2008 in Life

Mental Courage…..Moral Courage

There comes a point in your running that you must cross before you feel the glorious aftermath of that achievement! This point is suspended by a very very thin line….bridging the ‘i-can’t-do-it’ to ‘i-just-did-it’.

In running, this is mental courage. In life, it is moral courage.

~ penned 161108: 12:46 ~


What’s Round the Bend?

Yesterday’s 5-mile run brought up an unexpected, undulating experience of the highs, the lows and the constant…very much like life. If we’ve got life all worked out, know what to expect at the bend, what’s in store for us at the fork of the road, where’s the excitement then?

~ penned 121108: 1514 ~


New Sights…..New Insights

Every time I laced up my shoes, I’m discovering not only new sights on the road but more importantly, new insights of my inner strength and capacity as I pushed up a hill with spent legs and still have that last iota of strength to inch towards the finish line.

~ penned 021108: 1519 ~