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March 2009

Posted: March 1, 2009 in Life


Running can be so paradoxical…just as can life!

Life…..stop seeking and you will find, stop knocking, the door will be opened and stop asking, you will receive!

Running….the pleasure comes with the pain, the beauty with the burden and the glorious aftermath with the gritting agony!

The paradoxicality of running and life has to be embraced, and only then, can the journey be savoured!

~ penned 270309: 1118 ~


Listening…..A Spiritual Hospitality

To listen is a very very difficult task! The process requires an inner stability, a stability so sure that we no longer need to provide answers to the questions, prove ourselves in arguments and declare aloud our knowledge. When we TRULY listen, to others and ourselves, we find we no longer need to validate our presence. The beauty of listening is when we least expect, we start discovering our true selves.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of listening to my body as I embark on my runs again! I’ve been so attuned to looking for the symptom that I forget to look at the source. I look for the wear and tear on the outside of my soles but fail to sense the over-pronation of my feet. I hunch over with tired shoulders but never realise that I’ve not activated the smallest muscles between my shoulder blades. I feel the pull on my ITB but it never dawned on me that I’m not pushing from my glutes.

Listening is a form of spiritual hospitality that we offer not only to others, but to ourselves!

~ penned 120309: 1002 ~