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April 2009

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Life

Losing Myself

As the river loses herself to the ocean
And the bird to the sky
As the the setting sun loses herself to the horizon
And the wind to the rye
I’m losing myself into YOU!

~ penned 220409: 00:50 ~


Ordinary Miracle

It rained today and what looked like an ordinary rainy day in HK turned out to be less than ordinary…..I ran in the rain!

The full measure of the experience is intoxicating…..the rain pelting on my back therapeutically eased the soreness left by the sorching sun the day before; the pellets of water collected on my protruding tongue tasted so divine, quenching my thirst; the splashing onto the puddles of water was music to my ears, breaking the sound of silence of the lone runner’s run; the crisp cool clear air coursing through my nasal cavity, oxygenating my heavy laden legs; the translucent vistas enhanced by the mist, seen through sheets of rain, was such a sight to behold!

Isn’t it remarkable? Like running in the rain to appreciate what our five senses can do! It is, indeed, just another ordinary miracle today!

~ penned 180409: 23:58 ~



More than the obvious that bridges are iconic installations built to be crossed, they also transport us from the here to there, from the known to the unknown, from the now to the future. In every span, uncharted territory is conquered; every crossing annihilates previous fears; every traverse spawns new hopes!

The running across Tsing Ma Bridge on 8th February 2009 was more than a physical crossing of the Ma Wan Channel; more important than it being a seal of endorsement that my old fear of acrophobia is history, it is symbolic of the newfound faith in my body – an amazing mechanism that can cross painful thresholds I previously thought unthinkable. Most importantly, it springs forth new desires and dreams –  that it is never too late to run, even if one is in the autumn of one’s life!

Life consists of multiple crossings we undertake……..running across bridges is but a microcosm of life in its entirety!

~ re-written 140409: 13:07 ~