Licensing Parents

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Life

We live in a world in which issuing licenses for almost every job skill has become a requirement: we get a driving license to declare we are safe to drive; a doctor’s license to guarantee that we are not quacks; a lawyer’s accreditation to prove that we can argue on your behalf in the court rooms and a teaching certificate to testify that we can teach in the classrooms!

Which brings me to this title as I was doing some reading recently to upgrade my qualification in the academia (again, i won’t deny that it’s about accreditation :)). The more I read, the more I’m convinced that there’s grounds to believe that it may just work – issuing licenses to parents who befit the Distinction in Parenting!

And if it really takes off, I might have to contend less with screaming kids in public, ill-mannered adolescents who ignore polite questions, hyperactive kids pounding above my home in the middle of the night, abusive and violent teenagers!!

And the spin-off could also mean I have to deal with fewer parents who shove their responsibility to the schools as sole dictators of the moral compass; and those parents who never think that their child could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who blames it on the society, never on themselves!!

This concept was mooted some 30 years ago by Hugh Lafollette and has been largely debated ever since! His premise is true, supporting details valid and above all, argument is sound!

And given that I’m not a parent myself, it’s quite easy to see why I could possibly fall in love with this proposition!! Still, I’m wondering what my friends who are parents would say to this: what’s your reason for having kids other than for conservation of the lineage, preservation of the lifeline, consolidation of your retirement?!?

Pray, tell me :))

~ penned 25 Feb 2011: 1703 ~


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