Our Collective Consciousness

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Life

When the double whammy tragedy unfolded on 11th March 2011 in Japan, I stood transfixed at the horrific images that were transmitted before my very eyes. Unable to fathom the mammoth scale of destruction caused by nature and the helpless state it has reduced us to once more, I peeled my eyes off BBC, thinking that I could escape from the reality of it all! Oh, how wrong I was! In the aftermath of the disaster, I was left more speechless from what I read, saw and heard!

I read about the complaints on the Straits Times forum about the disorder in Tokyo airport and delays in the flights back home! Hong Kong was no better! Queues formed to stock up on milk powder and people were told to satiate their appetite for sashimi and sushi lest they’ve to wait many months down the road before they can whet their appetite again!!! SMS-es were wildly circulated about nuclear rain and with that, another kind of queue was formed to get hold of iodine tablets!!

For every good thing that I read, saw and heard vis-a-vis the tragedy, it was nullified by the self-centred, self-ingratiating acts of mankind!!

I wonder how many more acts of nature would have to be enacted before our very lifetime in order for us to learn that I’m my brother’s & sister’s keeper; that no man is an island; that we’re all islands adrift in the human sea of consciousness; that when one part is maimed, all parts suffer!!!

I believe this is the lesson – the allegorical allusion of the tidal wave sweeping through and inundating physical lands and wiping out human lives will be the pouring forth of communal awareness that will colonise the ready minds and convert the willing souls to receive a brand new age – the age of collective consciousness!!

At this point in time, I don’t see this dawn! But I’ll keep singing to the brand new Dawn: Where, O where, is our collective consciousness?

And I hope, my friends, you’ll join me in this song!

~ penned 170311, 20:33 ~


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