Traces of My Existence

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Life

I never really thought of the above title until I saw strands of my crowning glory decked the bathroom floor just the the other day! The sight evoked a certain kind of fear – not that of vanity – that welled from somewhere in my gut. It’s a fear that piqued my writing endeavour once more, a first for 2010.

I looked back at the decade past and wondered how many traces of my existence I left behind….some irrevocable, others irreparable, still some, irresponsible. I bemoaned the many times I have lavished in plenty whilst many around the world languished in poverty…..

I think about the expired food left forgotten in the refrigerator and forget about others scavenging for scraps of food in the streets; I acquired another top because it’s cheap and on sale, left it never donned in the wardrobe and forgot about those who only wear hand-me-downs; I take pride in the toiletries lining the edge of my bathtub and forget that for many, taking a shower with clean water is still a luxury; I am tempted to acquire another property because sources say it’s an investment and forget the hobos, the homeless on the streets.

It’s not about being grateful and thankful (both of which I certainly am!!); it’s about going back to basics and having just enough; it’s about going to the core of my existence and focusing on things that matter, things that are free and things that money can never buy; it’s about de-cluttering – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – and getting rid of excesses that no longer serve my purpose, chief of which is to leave no traces of my existence on Earth.

I don’t need to look far nor participate in political bodies to realise the consequences of the magnitude of my excesses; I look within my home and see so much traces of my existence left on earth and it’s here that I must begin – to be prudent in my choices; to be discerning in what I hear from marketers, advertisers and the news; and above all, to be wise in my heart and leave only a legacy of intangible footprints, not carbon ones.

~ penned 010110: 15:20 ~

PS: For more information on how we’re part of this process of leaving carbon traces, read The Story of Stuff!


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