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Chung King Mansion (via Nana Chen)

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Life

A photography perspective of an infamous place in Hong Kong, spawning movies with similar titles such as Wong Kar Wai’s ‘Chung King Express’! If a picture really speaks a thousand words, then these photos by Nana Chen certainly captures the myriad of lives intertwined from all corners of the globe: their activities, work & dreams; as depicted in her latest work! Click here to read her rendition of this notorious landmark in Hong Kong and view her attempts to immortalise a part of Hong Kong that may be succumb to the onslaught of modernisation!


Another HisStory….

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Education, Life

Here, Philip Holden espouses on the singular historical story that should not only laud local heroes and have happy endings. Rather, such stories should also provoke critical thoughts and challenge status quo. At best, history is fraught with conflicting and complex threads and it’s the story teller’s (or historian) job to ensure that in weaving and fabricating the tapestry, loose threads and constrasting colours are also woven together, telling a truth that is rarely plain and never simple.

Here’s the original article, The Power of Story, written in TODAYonline.

In Memory of Tony Judt

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Education, Life

I chanced upon the saying below when I was visiting Jane Evelyn Atwood’s Photographs 1976 – 2010 exhibition held at Musee Europeene de la Photographie.  This quote aptly captures the subjects she was photographing – women prisoners, victims of landmines, the blind and the prostitutes – and evokes in me the remembrance that another person’s reality, stark and seemingly ‘unreal’ to me as it may be, should prompt the desire in me to live life to the fullest!

The historian’s task is not to disrupt for the sake of it, but it is to tell what is almost always an uncomfortable story and explain why the discomfort is part of the truth we need to live well and live properly.” – Tony Judt, a thinker & writer –