The Men, They Don’t Get it!

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Life

Ashton Kutcher probably didn’t appreciate it. And the truth of the matter is that many men probably don’t. No matter because by the time a woman matures and comes of age, she doesn’t really need the endorsement of man, or anyone, for that matter!

What she needs is the confidence that she has something special to contribute that younger women don’t. She has the years to show, not on her face but on the lines of well-crafted words coated with pearls of wisdom that only age and experience can afford. As a woman gets older and rests more in the confidence that her gifts are unique, she radiates a more alluring attractiveness, not by slapping on dollops of La Prairie, but by standing on her convictions as a mother, daughter, wife, woman and friend.

As a woman gets older, she comes as a wholesome package where her mental, physical and emotional states are integrated holistically and where she takes time to triangulate the three, dividing her attention equally to nurture the trio. And in so doing, she exudes charm not only in the physical realm but in her mental and emotional faculties as well. Her appeal is where beauty, brawn and brains converge.

As a woman gets older she becomes sexier. She becomes a better lover as she learns to accept herself, becomes comfortable with her sexuality and much freer in her expression of it. She internalizes this belief and allows the more erotic attractiveness to manifest from within. When she embraces her midlife sexuality, becomes fully available to herself, she can then soak in the unexpected pleasure and joys that come along with it.

But alas, in a stereotypical ageist sexist society, very few men appreciate ‘the older, the better’ axiom: Ashton Kutcher didn’t get it and neither would scores of other men!


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