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In my little cell, with my little self!

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Life

The rain pelted down relentlessly as I stepped out of the lift! How on earth did I not know that an amber storm warning had already been hoisted. Quite possibly due to the windowless cell (aka my humble office)!

More than the impending storm looming in the not so distant evening, the warning was a harbinger of more foreboding news as I mused on what it means to be in a little cell with my little self….

It is so easy to remain detached to the world – its cares and carousal, its gloom and gaiety – all rolled into a seamless imperceptible blur of grey when I am caught up in my little cell with my little self.

And then I looked around me enroute home and I see thousands of commuters are not free either as they are so caught up with their little cells and consumed with their little selves!

To probe a little further, away from the naked eye, I have observed countless times those who have erected cells in their minds to establish their righteous selves – boxed in by their impeachable belief and value systems.

The writing is on the wall – we actually don’t need walls to hole us in or hold us up. We have set perimeters that are more pervasively invisible than we would care to admit! The danger of being fenced in this way is far more grave than closing the doors to shut our neighbors out or hunching over our shoulders to shield the fellow commuter from looking in to our display screen.

The danger is that wars have been fought in the mind and battles lost in the abyss of grey matter. The danger is that this is an invisible war, remotely removed from prying eyes. The danger is that once colonized, the grooves stay indented. The danger is that the divides are more subtle than your obvious race, gender or class divisions.

As I mused, streaks of lightning flashed across the darkened sky. It seems to suggest that there should be hope, no fear in the little illuminated cell, with my little enlightened self.

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