A Letter to My 15-Year Old Self

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Life

To commemorate the first ever International Day of the Girl, 11th October 2012

Dearest Irene,

I write to you with so much apprehension because the next 32 years may be one hell of a ride. Yet, how can I begrudge you the discovery of coming to yourself, a solitary sojourn that will evolve into a soul-stirring journey? Thus, I bequeath you these hindsight that you may have all the wisdom to fathom the insights deeply.


That discipline in all aspects of life usually begins with a discipline in a specific passion. Follow it fervently and do not yield to temptations to give up or give in.

That many whom you thought as ‘friends’ actually need the passage of time to be proven true. Don’t be disappointed if only a handful stay the course.

That your inner self needs to be guarded zealously and only revealed to the select few. Don’t give away pieces of yourself to everyone because very few really understand although many will claim they do.

That the world is full of people who by their sheer numbers consider themselves ‘normal’. Do not be afraid to speak up for the marginalized and the minority.

That the way of the world is very simple: the hankering for the exterior. Don’t be afraid to go the other way: the humbling of the interior.

That the media is full of subliminal messages (especially for young girls like you) influencing you to be of a certain shape, size and seniority. Be very discerning with these subtleties because your inner self is the aspect you need to mould, magnify and maturate.

That sexism has been alive, is alive and will continue to be alive through the ages. Be the voice of the voiceless, help the helpless, profit the penniless and shatter the stereotypes in Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and even more so, closer to home, in developed countries where a woman is still objectified by her age, her shape and her beauty!


Even if the next 32 years will not have changed one bit since my letter to you, don’t despair. Be still; withdraw to recharge yourself, meditate on the wise teachings of the sages and be steel; face the challenges head on, draw on the strength of the likeminded; finally, be secured in the knowledge that the longer the ride, the further you’ve left the hellish part behind and heading towards the heavenly one!

With all my deepest love,

penned: 15 Oct 2012: 01:14


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